“The Amazing Journey of One Remarkable Patient”

Below is the message one of our patients sent us to share. David is an incredible man who has undergone a huge amount of tragedy and turned it into a testimony of what faith, nutritional health, and integrative oncology can do for someone. He is a HERO and inspiration to not only the patients in the hospital but to the staff as well. His story is much more than just what he is dealing with in his cancer. It’s his response and attitude to adversity in the face of more tragedy than most can imagine.

From a clinical standpoint David had a very aggressive stage 4 cancer. He is early in his treatment but his response is remarkable. CHIPSA is not able to help every stage 4 patient even though we do our very best. But we do see amazing success happen like this every week at our hospital.

David is humble in his letter suggesting that if you want to scroll down to see what he did at CHIPSA you can. But we ask that you read the whole letter because it is all part of his journey and there are some very important inspirational lessons that can be learned.

A Letter From David

My name is David Dacus.  I am a seasoned citizen 62 years of age.  I live in the Texas Panhandle in the city of Borger, about 50 miles north of Amarillo.  I am widowed.  I have 2 beautiful daughters, a son in heaven, 4 precious grandchildren ages 6, 5, 4, and 5 months, and a granddaughter in heaven.  Being a cancer care advocate is one of the furthest things from anything I ever aspired to, but we go where God leads us.   I look forward to growing our friendship, and following and sharing in your healing journey.   Please stay in touch.

Again, this is kind of lengthy as I’ve included a “brief” synopsis of my own personal journey.  If you just want my take on CHIPSA, scroll to the bottom.  My Vallovax trial information is near the bottom also , and there is a section listing a variety of helpful, educational resources.    It won’t hurt my feelings at all if you scroll on down.  I am not a medical professional.  I’ve done a lot of research, but don’t claim to be an expert by any stretch of the imagination. I am still a newby to this journey myself.  I only intend to inform and encourage you, and not to judge, cast dispersion, or exert any influence on whatever decision you or your loved ones make or have made regarding the treatment protocol that best suits your condition, and that you are confident in.  What I share is just what I’ve learned so far.  I’ve tried to weed through the information and misinformation that is out there, but always use your own best judgement.  Trust your own intuition.

This is my story.  I don’t necessarily recommend my pre-treatment approach to anyone, and some people would not be led down my path at all, nor could they physically do what  was blessed to be able to do.  It was what I was led to do, and I was comfortable and confident in what I embraced.  My journey is ongoing, and I try to research and weigh my options very carefully.  I will tell you that I’ve been very open minded, (not my usual state),  and have done and experienced things that I never thought I would, and every one of them has been a positive experience.  Don’t let anyone, doctor, spiritual leader,  spouse, parent, child,  guru, or anyone else, take over your care and lead you by the nose… It is your body, your care, your choice.  Step up, ask questions, and take notes.  Learn, and be involved and proactive.  Now is not the time to be a sheep.  TRUST YOUR GUT FEELING…. Do NOT be influenced by fear or urgency.

I allude to my faith here because it is an integral part of me and my journey.  I don’t want to offend, or argue semantics, but I am unapologetically a Christian, a sinner saved by Grace.   I do believe in God and Jesus, the power of His Word, that He designed us perfectly, that He loves us personally, and He is sovereign over all His creation.  I’ve failed to live up to my own expectations many times over the years, but I have also experienced the reality of His grace, mercy, salvation, comfort, healing, and presence in my life.  My story is peppered with God’s presence because it would be incomplete and inaccurate any other way.  And as our friend Forrest Gump would say… That’s all I have to say about that.  So here goes.

I was diagnosed on August 21, 2017 with advanced, Gleason 10 (the most aggressive) Prostate Cancer. The acute symptoms came on rather suddenly.   I’d been warned by my doctor prior to the biopsy that it probably was cancer… about 2 weeks prior.  The biopsy was positive, and the worse possible score for hard to treat cancer presented.   There was significant prostate enlargement, inflammation and significant tumor involvement. Follow-up scans affirmed that the cancer had metastasized to 3 places in my bones, and one lymph node adjacent to a metastasis was enlarged, but not biopsied to confirm cancer.  There was no soft tissue involvement found.  I was thunderstruck!  I couldn’t have cancer.  I was an athlete in my youth.  I eat pretty healthy, exercise regularly, am pretty much the picture of health, and have a lot of living yet to do.  How could I tell my family? I felt an overwhelming sense of loss, was angry and hurt, felt betrayed by God, and I even felt a tinge of shame that I was so weak that I got cancer.  After all my family had been through, I was now letting them down.  I was scared at first, and my Doctor didn’t help with that one bit. His words “This is Bad!  You need to get an oncologist… There is no cure at this stage, only treatments to prolong you life and hopefully slow the spread.”  I am grateful that though I was indeed very shook up, that by God’s grace, peace, and assurance that I was able to put the fear aside and pursue my options with an open mind.

Because of the Metastasis, Surgical removal was not an immediate option, (which I now count as a huge blessing!)  and due to my experience with others who had undergone standard treatments, Chemo and Radiation were off the table for me.   Physically I’d gotten quite run down from exhaustion, a lot of bad things happened in a short amount of time, and my immune system had been weakened for several years. I had been feeling very poorly.  I was exhausted, and had very little stamina or vitality.  I developed Shingles, and was sick and miserable from that.

I absolutely believe that my cancer was triggered by overwhelming, ongoing stress from a series of awful losses and Illness over 5 years… including the death of my 27 year old son, then a year and a day later my wife and her parents were killed in a car crash that critically injured me.  Due to my injuries I closed and shuttered the business my wife and I had built together over 35 years of marriage.  My youngest daughter was seriously injured in an accident just 10 days after the wreck that killed her mother and grandparents, and required surgery and extended home care.  Her 16-month-old son became my responsibility (and my sister’s and her Husband’s because I was living with them while I regained my ability to walk and drive).  9 months later her infant daughter, my one month old granddaughter died in her sleep from SIDS,  10 days after that I became extremely ill, was diagnosed with a ruptured bowel and near fatal sepsis, and underwent an emergency surgery with an extended recovery time.  Over the course of time I suddenly lost a cousin who was like a brother.  I underwent financial hardships, and endured more stress than even owning a business had exerted.  I experienced a ruptured bowel, near fatal sepsis, and an emergency surgery with another extended recovery time.  There were Some very trying family challenges, and of late my new 5-month-old grandson was diagnosed with Spinal Meningitis, was not expected to live, spent 9 days in Neonatal ICU, and 21 days in the hospital. My 89-year-old dad went in the Hospital concurrently, and right before my diagnosis was confirmed I traveled to Austin to hold the hand of a close friend while he died from aggressive treatments administered for his Melanoma with absolutely no nutritional or holistic guidance.

I survived all these things. I recovered my mobility, most of my strength, and most of my health.  No observer would ever guess the physical and emotional challenges I’d overcome.  My family grew closer through the trials, and their emotional wounds were healing.  I wrote, and I accepted public speaking engagements about those challenges, sharing my experiences about healing and how God met me and my family in the middle of those circumstances.  Life leveled out.  I could breathe again… I thought I was doing fine… handling everything like a trooper.  I was handing it well on the outside.  On the inside where I’d internalized all the pain, and plowed through the stress, I was embroiled in negative emotions and conflict.  And Boom!  I got Cancer.

I am not a super Christian…few are…   but I do have strong faith.  God has seen me through a lot. His power and assurance has sustained me.  And moreover, I am a firm believer that our bodies are designed to heal themselves if we stop sabotaging them, and provide them with the nutrients, and positive mental attitude that nourishes and nurtures that healing to take place.  I thought my diet was pretty healthy, and it was compared to many people… but I was woefully ignorant and uninformed.  Our food chain is permeated with harmful additives, pesticides, hidden sugars, and destructive chemicals.  Our systems are overwhelmed just trying to keep up with all the bad things that we shove in our mouths… very often without a clue of the potential harm.

I believe the bible instructs us on many practical things to do when we are sick.  So I told my family, then I went to my Pastor and requested he and the Elders pray over me and anoint me with oil as instructed in James 5:14.  Then I went to my church family and requested they pray over me and my family.  Then I put the word out on Facebook to my friends and extended family and asked for their prayers.  Hundreds of people have responded.  I embraced the fact that God prescribed strict dietary guidelines for his people, and has designed the nutrients in nature to sustain and heal us and began to research radically healthy diet alternatives.

Next I prayed a lot… at first, I thought the game was over…  I think everyone goes through that.  But I couldn’t make my mind believe that.  One thing I have always had going for me is an overriding optimism.  Sometimes it got me in trouble, and sometimes it was what kept me moving through daunting challenges.  7 days before the actual biopsy results, I felt led to start a fast, to pray, seek God’s will, and detox my Body.  I asked God how long to fast, and I felt impressed with “Until I tell you to stop”.  I underwent a 14 day water only fast with a daily vitamin supplement, exercise, and Gerson coffee Enemas.  I experienced extensive bouts of detoxing every few days.  Meanwhile, my oldest daughter who had recently undergone her own cancer scare, and health crisis, had done a ton of research, and put me on the trail of natural approaches to curing cancer.  I had some notion of the potential of natural therapies, and an experential disdain for the traditional western medical approach that ignores “first do no harm”, and I was blown away by how many resources and stories of healing are out there.  It was so exciting to know people were healing without debilitating side effects.  I started the Gerson diet as best I could discern it… bought a top notch water filter, started supplements and Juicing, kept up my exercise regimen of walking, “old man” shuffle jogging, lots of sunshine, destressing my life, detoxing my mind, and lifting weights. I stopped all sugar, simple carbs, artificial sweeteners, GMO’s, gluten, high sodium, high fructose corn syrup (which is in almost everything on the store shelves), MSG and other preservatives.  I purged my refrigerator and kitchen cabinets, and pursued an organic, mostly vegetarian diet with limited animal protein from eggs, fish, or chicken once a week.

Some of this is redundant….  but I’m trying to be comprehensive.  As I researched I double and triple checked sources, and I adopted a shotgun approach. taking everything I researched that rang true to me.  Anything that I could do at home I did it.  I started the coffee enemas for detoxing. (buy the bucket kit with the flexible rectal tube online, not the bag with the hard insert tube) Research it.  It is an amazingly effective treatment.   I used Essiac Tea, Blackseed Oil, and also did the Maple Syrup-Baking Soda treatment.  I began supplementing with CoQ10 and Turmeric-Circumin, I purchased Oleander and Southlandia, I started massive dosing of vitamin D and C, I took Selenium and Echinacia and zinc (never zinc on an empty stomach) to boost my immune system.  I started on Astragalus root, MSM (sulfur),  I dosed on Coconut Oil, Resveretrol, Graviola, Kelp, Vitamin A, E, C, and Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Flaxseed Oil, Iodorol (Iodine), Ghinko, and Garlic.  I started juicing.  You can get so many more concentrated nutrients from juicing.  Find alternate seasonings to salt.  Again research the best foods for juicing.  Carrots, green apples, Green leafy vegetables are best.  You can juice just about anything though.  Also research what foods are best cooked, and which are best raw.   Keep the temperature low, don’t overcook,.. avoid microwaving, For your own protocol you need to research carefully.  Some supplements are not recommended for some cancers.  Overdosing on some is not healthy.  Cut out all processed sugar… cancer loves sugar.  Cut out all artificial sweeteners.  If you must have sweet, use Organic Stevia. Cut out Gluten, Avoid MSG or any Glutamates, Eat Organic. Avoid any GMO foods, and  drop soy from your diet.   High Fructose Corn Syrup is BAD for you.  Low to no Dairy is recommended, and Red meat is hard for your body to process, so energy is lost that can be building your system up when you eat it.  If you can’t cut it from your diet, cut way back.  You can research all these online.  Make a list, and tackle them one at a time.  There is not a cookie cutter answer, but with some work you can formulate your own approach that you are comfortable with.  however CHIPSA was a wealth of information, and customized diet plans and treatments to fit each patient’s needs.

This all sounds like a LOT.  It kind of is, especially at first. There is nothing cheap or easy about getting set up for a radical new lifestyle, but if you or a loved one has cancer then that person’s life depends on healthy nutrition, positive attitude, stopping ingesting poisons, and proper supplementation.  These are almost completely ignored by the Medical Community, but no matter what treatment path you choose, all of the above will greatly enhance survival chances.  I repeat often that our bodies are designed to heal themselves if we stop sabotaging them and give them the tools they need to work with.  Chemo and Radiation, even surgery can be very effective, and perhaps the right choice for you, but if you don’t fight the physically damaging and debilitating side effects and make every effort to optimize your health, physical condition, and immune system, you are likely to succumb to the treatments before your cancer takes your life.  I’ve seen it happen more than once, and regret that at those times I did not have the knowledge to share the things I know now.  You will meet resistance, often from friends, family, even your medical care providers… but you have to absolutely take charge and make the choice to pursue a natural healing protocol, even if in conjunction with standard medical care.  Again… Your life depends on it.

Anyway…. By the time I finished my fast and was on the diet for only a few days I felt absolutely amazing… better than I’d felt in years.   I was energized, alert, strong, and renewed.  My body had been steeped in poison, and suddenly I felt like a young man again.

I took the Lupron Ehormone therapy shot because aside from the obvious unfavorable side effects, it is very effective at abating the testosterone which feeds prostate cancer, thus greatly slowing the growth and spread.  I can now empathize with women in menopause.  Hot flashes!!!  I developed an extensive written set of positive affirmations that I recited daily, sometimes several times… intentionally releasing toxic negative mental encumbrances and emotions, and replacing them with their positive counterparts… eventually only focusing on intentionally assimilating the positives.

My urologist was blunt, careless with his words, and filled my mind with fear and doubt.  He told me how serious, and untreatable my condition was, that the cancer could be slowed down, but never cured, and insisted I needed to consult an oncologist immediately.  He gave me books and pamphlets that masked themselves as hopefully informative, but only solidified that fear and sense of dread at the prospects.  I told him I was going to pass on the oncologist for now, take my time, and pursue a natural course of healing.  He looked at me like I had two heads, and said “well I guess it’s your decision”.  I followed up with my long-time family doctor and friend.  He was very encouraging, and helped me with some of my research.

I did a ton of research in a very short time.  I found and sorted through hours of information on natural and biological treatment options, many which appealed very much to my beliefs and notions of what would and would not work for me, including immunotherapy, low dose Chemo, Gerson, Hyperthermia, Oxygenation, Blood Ozone Therapy, THC, nutritional supplementation, and many others.  I could not however go all over the U.S. and the world for each one…. I explored some conventional treatment centers that espoused supplementing standard treatments with nutrition, but found that was really only window dressing for the standard cut, burn, and poison therapies, and they were very, very prohibitively priced.   And then while researching the Gerson Diet, I found CHIPSA.  They offered almost all the treatments I had placed on my wish list.  I filled out their online information form, and they were in touch with me almost immediately.  They answered my questions in detail, secured and looked at all my medical records and set up a doctor phone consultation for no charge.  I was accepted as a patient; and a treatment protocol was outlined and priced. I booked my flights, and I arrived 30 days after my confirmed diagnosis and biopsy results.

The community of Playa de Tijuana, on the Pacific coast is a suburb of sprawling Tijuana.  Again it is Mexico… not the United states, but it is a very nice, charming, and safe little community not infested by tourists and drug lords.  There is a mile-long beautiful beach on the Pacific Ocean, a thriving boardwalk, Walmart, Office Depot, 7-11, hundreds of little shops and restaurants and food carts.  The people are very friendly and helpful.  A smile and Buenos Dios always elicits a smile and greeting in return.  The beach is just a few blocks away, and the hospital dining and family rooms provide a beautiful panoramic view of the ocean.  You can walk anywhere, and if you can’t walk, Uber, and Taxi Service is readily available to transport you.

                  In front of Chipsa Hospital

I arrived on September 21 for a 21 day in-hospital treatment protocol.  When I arrived, I was brought to the hospital from San Diego by a CHIPSA Driver, introduced to the support staff, and given a tour of the facility.  As a typical U.S. Patient, I am accustomed to the expansive million-dollar lobbies of most modern hospitals.  The aesthetics and comfort that we’ve come to expect are meant to lull and assure you that the care must also indeed be top shelf.  It took a few minutes to adjust my expectations… That seems to be a universal reaction.  This is Mexico, not Beverly Hills.  The lobby is very nice, but small and functional.  The building is older, but extremely clean, well-cared for, very practical, and efficient. I quickly realized that the money invested here is spent on keeping the facility they have highly functional, stocking it with state of the art equipment, hiring more than adequate staff, research, and administering quality patient care.

As Americans we are haughty in our attitudes that our health training, access to diagnostic equipment, cleanliness and sterile practices, surgical and nursing skills, and quality of care cannot possibly be any less than a thousand percent superior to anyplace else in the world.  And indeed, our healthcare system is very, very well-funded, however the skills, knowledge, and care of these doctors, nurses, and support staff absolutely amazed me.  My views are forever altered.

There are patients here from all over the Americas, and the world.   Some arrive very whole and healthy, and some arrive in less than stellar condition.  Some chose CHIPSA as their first option, and some as their last and only hope after other treatments failed.  Most staff speak English.  And you get a crash course in Spanish.  The doctor and staff ratio to patient is very high.  They treat an average of 20 patients at a time in house, and many of those patients are accompanied by partners (supporters) who stay in the room with the patient, and are also invited to participate in juices, coffee, enemas, the cafeteria fare, and educational classes.   (There are out-patient options available as well, and to save substantial money, many people choose that option. The CHIPSA staff will assist you finding suitable accommodations and transportation for your outpatient stay).

One important tip for choosing to bring, or be a supporter… It is an intense flurry of constant activity, and the patient and his needs and schedule are the focal point, and center of the universe. The rooms are not large.  There are not a lot of luxuries, and leisure time is very limited.  Choose to bring, or be someone who is completely selfless, with a servant’s heart, that doesn’t need to be the center of attention, and that you truly get along with even when one or both of you is feeling quite yucky.  There is no downside to coming alone if you must.  You will be immediately embraced as part of the Chipsa Family.  You will miss your loved ones, but life is too busy here to spend a lot of time dwelling on it.  You can usually tie your cell phone service to an international roaming plan, or use the hospital’s free international plan.  The WIFI is pretty good.

The treatment schedule is very rigorous.  If you are extremely ill upon arrival, then you are subject to less of the treatments that make you feel bad, and more of the nutrition, strengthening, and encouragement that leads to what I witnessed several times… people who arrived in wheelchairs, or nearly bed-fast were up and walking unassisted within a week, and able to assume a normal treatment schedule. The rooms are cleaned daily by a friendly, though not always English speaking, smiling staff,  and there is laundry service provided. You don’t need to over-pack.

I arrived Thursday afternoon.  Most people come in on Mondays.  On Friday I started my treatment protocol by having a Liter of coffee for my first enema delivered to my room, and my blood drawn for a comprehensive workup.  When the blood results arrived later that day my primary care physician came to my room to share the results.  Most of my blood levels were exceedingly good, or negligibly less than optimal.  Prior to my Biopsy my Urologist at home had ordered bloodwork.  My PSA… the blood cancer marker for prostate cancer, was alarmingly, off the charts high.  Where it should have been 4 or 5 at the very most for a man my age, mine was alarmingly high at 98.  When I got my entry blood results back at CHIPSA my PSA level was 3.75.  The best-case expectation in the 30-day time frame might have been for it to have dropped by half to 50, or possibly miraculously to a very high 20 or 30.  8 or 9 would have still been alarmingly high, but not anticipated.  The result was so low that the doctor cautioned me that it was very likely a mistake, and ordered a second test just to be sure.  I had to wait through the weekend for the second test.  My mind was not happy trying to stay positive about the possibly inaccurate results.  Monday afternoon when the results came back my PSA was at 2.4… another significant drop, and a healthy range for any man.   The Doctors said I was breaking their model.  Several of them asked what in the world I had been doing over the time since my diagnosis.  I was happy to share my story. My phenomenal improvement before undergoing any treatment was due to detoxifying, radical dietary adjustments, and prayer… all of which enhanced the efficacy of the hormone shot to bring my cancer markers down by an unprecedented, unanticipated amount.  My cancer was basically already succumbing, and inactive.

I went through the next 2 ½ weeks with no further bloodwork.   2 days prior to dismissal blood was drawn and the results came back.  All my blood and metabolic levels were absolutely perfect.  My PSA however was the biggest surprise to everyone.  It was 0.51… from 98, a 97 percent drop to extremely good, and not much higher than expected in someone who’d recently undergone radical prostatectomy and had no metastases.  There were high fives everywhere.  Scans were ordered (you are transported to the hospital in Tijuana, or another imaging center, and you pay separately for your scans… at about 1/3 to 1/5 the going U.S. Rate).  My scan results were read, and the results were very encouraging.  One metastasis on my elbow was completely gone.  The lymph node was completely normal.  The other two bone spots on my sternum and right pelvis crown had not grown at all… and there was no spread anywhere. It was explained to me that they could be dead, dying, or gone, but the bone is very slow to heal.  Basically, those numbers indicate absolutely inactive tumors.  A normal prostate is approximately 3 cm. x 4 cm.  My prostate was approximately 3 cm x 4 cm., only slightly enlarged.   Tumors were still visible in the scan

s, but the core tissue looked healthy, and the remaining tumors were clearly smaller, and possibly undergoing apoptosis (tumor cell death).


I was invited to join the Batu Biological’s ongoing Valovax Vaccine Immunotherapy trial. Armed with very favorable lab results, and animal testing, instead of just sitting and waiting on FDA approval for a trial, Batu Technologies paired up with CHIPSA, a very progressive holistic  hospital,  to offer the Valovax vaccine protocol to patients there.  Mexico is less oppressive to new, and proven older treatments. I visited at length with the CEO of BATU Biologicals, the developer of the promising new technology. I opted in and got my first subcutaneous injection on the day I was checking out of CHIPSA as an in-patient (10/13/2017).  Valovax is cutting edge science aimed at invoking a strong immune response by injecting deactivated, but live cultured cells derived from Human Placental Tissue, which have very similar vasculature, and receptor characteristics as tumor cells, thereby training the immune system to recognize those cells as invaders, and then flood the blood with angry little warriors to target, lock onto, and destroy the tumor vasculature (anti-angiogenesis), without harming healthy blood vessels.  The end game is to starve and weaken the tumor linings and structure, and then destroy the cancer within through the immune system’s own mechanisms, and other treatments that are thrown at it… basically kick it while it’s down

The protocol consists of 3 shots over 3 weeks.  I opted to rent a condo and remain close by rather than try to travel back and forth. One of the CHIPSA staff helped me find a beautiful condo in a small gated community on the cliff overlooking the beach and Pacific Ocean.  I was glad I stayed because the initial shot invoked a very strong reaction, and I was in bed for two days with fever, chills, aches, and very weak.  It is doing exactly what it is supposed to do, and the doctors, myself, and the CEO and developer of Valovax were very excited.  I’d had the strongest recorded reaction of any participant, and am anxious to get my bloodwork results.   I have already started my in-home treatments including self-administered iv’s, shots, pills, nutrition, and coffee enemas.   They seem daunting, but once organized are pretty straight forward.  I will receive regular scans and bloodwork to monitor progress, and continue on my 90 day home therapies, whereupon I will return to CHIPSA for evaluation and recommendations.

Recent receipt of FDA approval for BATU to soon begin U.S. based human trials speaks loudly of the promising lab results, and strong evidence of effectiveness.  The FDA is a very difficult network to crack, and their approval for trial though daunting, is usually a good indicator that the new drug or treatment shows great promise.  I was privy to the phone call from the CEO to the doctor administering my last shot, notifying him of the approval.  I am not sure what the time frame will be, or what else is involved before this information becomes public or the U.S. trial begins.    But it is very exciting.

I am updating this on 10/31/2017.  I have taken my last Vallovax shot, I had a significant immune response reaction over the weekend, with a fever spiking at 101.5.  I will return in 3 months for evaluation.  My cancer is being defeated in the least body destructing way possible.  I am healthy, vigorous, and strong.  I am claiming full healing, and am just waiting for my body to catch up with the reality of that.  I am going to recover my health and longevity.  It is a radical lifestyle alteration, and a lifetime commitment, but I am determined and ready for the journey.

Update on 11/3… my PSA level continues to drop.  Last reading was 0.46.

Final Valovax info to Date:  I had such an intense (ie favorable) immune response reaction to the first shot that I was in bed all weekend with fever, chills, aches, and weakness. I told the doctors Monday, and they were elated. I’d had the strongest reaction to date. Blood was drawn… (that’s apparently how they celebrate victories at hospitals… by sticking needles in you…) and I made the decision to just stay put in my condo near the hospital (quite a sacrifice since it is a beautiful, new building on the cliff overlooking the beach and the Pacific Ocean), for two more weeks to be close for monitoring as the Valovax trial was administered in three total doses over three consecutive Fridays. I would leave Mexico on Monday October 30th.

GOD HAD OTHER PLANS. On what was ostensibly my last Friday here I went for a long walk on the beach, and back into town. I had an increasingly nagging, but familiar pain in my foot and lower leg. It was the beginning of a gout attack… I tried to deny it, but gout is very persistent. I had not had a gout attack in years. I adjusted my diet long ago, and almost never eat red meat, drink too much alcohol, eat shellfish, or organ meats. I exercise and drink lots of water and take my daily dose of prophylactic medicine allopurinol religiously.

By Saturday morning I was in agony… could not walk, put any pressure on my leg, bear to stand for more than a few seconds, or even tolerate the bed sheet touching my foot. I hopped to the bathroom, but refused to take any anti-inflammatory medicine because that interferes with the favorable immune response reaction to the Vallovax.

By Tuesday my foot and leg were red, hugely swollen, feverish, and the skin was looking ready to ulcerate. A CHIPSA friend, Harold Hall, had located and purchased crutches for me on Sunday. I called my Doctor, and CHIPSA arranged an uber ride to the hospital on Monday, and my physicians arranged for me to begin a pretty high-powered anti-inflammatory and pain medication. I went back to the condo, cancelled my arrangements to return home because I couldn’t possibly travel, and arranged to stay for another week.

Meanwhile, another friend, Libertad, the lovely massage therapist at the hospital started coming to my condo daily, helping with chores, bringing me groceries, and doing specialty massages she had researched, on my leg and foot. She also arranged for an MD, Dr. Adrain Robinson, who does traditional acupuncture and acuputo (an expanded near surgical application of deeper puncture into fibrotic and other tissues to loosen and promote healing) to come to my condo and treat me.

I’d never tried acupuncture before, (I was a little skeptical, as I had been about some other treatments I embraced that eventually amazed me). The results were undeniable.  My gout inflammation diminished faster than I’d ever experienced.  He treated other older nagging problems as well, and the relief was immediate and lasting.  I am no longer a skeptic.

Blood panels were run, Doctors conferred, the Vallovax developer was consulted. I was the first trial patient with a propensity for gout… something nobody considered. Protein overload causes gout. My diet had not changed, protein intake was low and monitored. I had not lost any weight, another possible gout trigger. Conclusion: The protein overload in my body was from my body processing dead cancer cells from a substantial cancer die-off., and not being able to do so fast enough (inability to process too much protein, and therefore Uric acid buildup in the blood is the definition of gout)… My body thought I’d eaten a cow. Well… I have to say there was much more celebrating with a veritable storm of needle poking, and I have never been so delighted to experience so much pain… to take one for the team as it were.

UPDATE  11/29/17

I visited my urologist yesterday.  Per my CHIPSA doctor’s advice I took the ++Lupron Hormone suppression shot.  I took my latest blood work results with me to show him.   My PSA Cancer markers were so low that he wanted to run another blood workup because he was concerned they were using a different measurement standard.  I pointed out that the blood was analyzed by LabCorp.  (Upon further discussion with Dr. Matt at Chipsa, he affirmed that the measurement standards are identical).  He said to send him my new workup from when I go back in January.  He did the digital prostate exam, and said… “hmm… the prostate is soft… it feels normal.  I I thought I remembered that your prostate was very hard, enlarged, and there was a pronounced tumor on the right side.  I need to look at my chart notes from your last visit…”  So he looked at the notes, scratched his head, and said… “yes it says right here that your prostate was very hard and there was a solid tumor on the right side. It is very soft now.. like a normal prostate should be… Where did you say you went for treatment again?”  So I explained briefly about CHIPSA’S treatment protocol., and he said… “well you’re doing well… come back in three months.  He is a man of few words, and even less encouragement, but his pronouncement the prostate was feeling normal absolutely confirmed the results of the scans I had done prior to departing CHIPSA. (I also spoke to Dr. Matt about the results of the digital exam, and he affirmed that a soft, pliable prostate indicates that we are moving very much in the right direction with my treatments).

++ I am in the process of doing much more research on the Hormone Suppression Therapy for prostate cancer.  It seems to have value as a short term, stop-gap treatment to slow the cancer’s growth, however there is more evidence coming to light that testosterone doesn’t actually cause or feed the cancer, that instead it is the aging body’s failure to properly convert and utilize the testosterone, and a hormone imbalance is the primary trigger for prostate cancer.  There are some deeper root causes that can be addressed that will allow for cessation of the hormone therapy, and bring about a higher level of healing, and male normalcy while avoiding the long-term side effects of Testosterone abatement.

My in-patient treatment protocol is pretty standard, and consisted of the following: 

*Apatone… Vitamin C & K3 Intravenously…. It serves multiple positive metabolic and nutritional functions, and paves the way for what

immediately follows it:



Insulin potentiated Chemotherapy:  (IPT)

Blood Ozone therapy… Blood is withdrawn, infused with Ozone in Saline Solution, run through mixer under UV lights, and re-introduced intravenously.  Cancer is anaerobic, and Oxygen kills it.
**Ozone therapy machines are available online that turn oxygen to ozone, (O2 to O3, and is applied anally for blood absorption).  It is said to be about 60% as effective as Blood Therapy.)

Hyperbaric Chamber…  a big tank you enter, pressure is raised to 2 Atmospheres, (same as 33 ft under the ocean), your ears pop a lot, and you breathe pure Oxygen…  Blood Oxygen absorption increases 40 fold and stays for 6 to 12 hours.  Cancer cannot live when exposed to Oxygen.

**PEMF Therapy:  Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy is self-administered with a state of the art, top quality machine.  PEMF is fda approved for bone renewal, brain and mood disorders, pain relief, and there is much solid ongoing research indicated it also plays a significant role in blood enhancement, and health and vitality of immune cells in the blood.  There is also strong evidence of tumor reduction from the treatment as well.

*Vitamin B-12  injections twice weekly.

Supplementation:  You are provided daily with all your supplements… They are both universal and customized to your care.  You will take those at 8 am, 10 am, 1 pm, 4 pm , and 7 pm..  It was a challenge for me to remember to take them.

* You will be sent home with a 90 day regimen of supplements, and instructions how to take them… This is included in your initial cost

*Coley’s Immunotherapy Vaccine… graduated dosage average 2x weekly.  Invokes a very strong immune reaction, flu-like symptoms… fever, aches, chills…. builds up the immune system and cancer fighting dendritic cells are unleashed to go after the cancer en masse.

**Far Infrared Sauna…  Deep penetrating heat raises core temperature to a level that cancer cells cannot tolerate, and the cells are weakened, or killed.  Also detoxes very effectively through the body’s largest and most effective detoxing organ, the skin.

*Gerson Cancer Protocol…  Strict dietary guidelines.  Three meals a day.  All organic (no gmo) food prepared by an excellent, dedicated Kitchen staff.  no Gluten,  no artificial ingredients or sweeteners,  No processed Sugar, Low Sodium, no, or very low dairy, very little if any animal protein… (protein allowance depends on bloodwork),  Salads, Lots of raw fruits and veggies, as well as cooked fruits and veggies, potatoes, even some Gerson approved desserts.    A little bland, but veggie “salt” and other natural seasonings put the life back into the food.

*Gerson Coffee Enemas… 5 per day except on IPT (chemo) days.  Delivered to your room, self-administered.  Takes a chunk of every day, but promotes extreme detoxing… cleans colon, absorbs through hepatic vein and goes straight to liver, opens bile and liver drainage ducts, stimulate the pancreas to release enzymes that actually cause cancer cell mitochondrial alteration.

*Juices:  You are prescribed freshly pressed juices every day.  Orange (carrot based), and Green (leafy greens based).  The coordinators deliver them to you wherever you are, except at mealtime, where they are on the table.  You may or may not like them, but they are an important nutritional link in the protocol, filled with healthy nutrients and enzymes that only survive intact for a limited time in fresh juices.

**THC, Hemp Oil Another effective treatment suppressed by the Pharmaceutical companies, FDA, and disregarded by traditional medical practitioners.  I did not receive this through CHIPSA, but there is much research espousing its cancer inhibiting qualities, and its efficacy for appetite boosting, mood stabilization, pain abatement, and sleeping. My doctor and I discussed the efficacy of it.

**Massage Therapy:  There is a very skilled masseuse at CHIPSA.    You get one massage for free, and if you want more, you pay for them.  Your patient coordinator will help you set appointments.

Doctors:  Your team of Doctors are from several disciplines.  They take a personal and hands-on approach to your care.  They meet regularly and discuss you as a person, not a number, and they adjust your treatments as needed.  They will spend time with you, discuss issues with you, answer your questions, explain your treatments, listen to your wishes and concerns, and they approach your care with humility, and a willingness to change course if needed.  They acknowledge the amazing creation the human body is, and that what they are doing is helping your body learn to heal itself.  The doctor to patient ratio is approximately 1:1.
*(You are supported every step of your home treatment journey with just a phone call to CHIPSA)
*(Your doctors are anxious to see and evaluate your ongoing results, and recommend additional treatments either at CHIPSA, at home, or using other methods available through other facilities to mop up any remaining cancer)

Mental Healing:  There are two Amazing Psychiatrists on staff.  The last words I ever thought I’d utter were “I talked to a psychiatrist today.”  But I came here with the attitude and promise that I would do everything in my power to work with my doctors to facilitate my healing, and I would do absolutely nothing to stand in the way of any healing therapy that was needed.  I thought I came here just for physical healing… I had a pretty good set of ingredients in my arsenal of positive thinking, prayer, meditation, visualization, etc, and they were very effective… but what I lacked was the recipe to get the very most “flavor” out of those ingredients.  The emotional and spiritual healing that I experienced was and continues to be an incredible part of my journey at Chipsa.  I have learned so very much on this journey.

*(Keep your mind positive, healthy, and strong.  Feed it good thoughts and let it direct and assist your body to heal)

Homeopathy:  Several days into my treatment I was brought a small bottle of clear liquid from which the nurse administered 10 drops twice daily under my tongue.  It was a homeopathic solution created by one of the Doctor’s on staff.  I met with that doctor, and he explained that it was created to help abate my prostate symptoms.  Some of the other treatments tended to cause inflammation in that area.  I had barely looked into homeopathy, had very little knowledge, but had read some information about the ingredients, dilution techniques, and mechanism it works under.  There was a lot of positive, and a lot of negative stuff to weed through, so in my busyness I dropped it from my research quest.  And lo and behold, it turned up in my room one day.  The Doctor was very intellectual, and he was very enthusiastic about his work and his research.  I told him if he, as a trained medical professional was hat enthusiastic about it, then I was too.

One or two physicians on site even after hours to address any concerns or patient needs.

Ongoing Classes.  You will learn how to continue the Gerson protocol at home… Informative and fun juicing classes, cooking demos and classes, supplement classes, power of the mind classes, Art and craft classes, port care classes… administered in person by the surgeon who installs your port… Classes to learn about mixing, dosing, and self-administering your medications when you return home… and other opportunities to learn from the staff, and share experiences and wisdom with other patients in group settings.

**(Keep doing your research.  There is much to learn regarding defeating cancer naturally)

Patient Coordinators.  An amazing team of fun and friendly coordinators and facilitators to meet your every need, cater to your every whim, help you with anything from faxing, copying, business matters, to setting up Doctor’s meetings, and off-site scanning, or other necessary appointments.  They keep you moving through your busy days, help with rides and scheduling, give directions, bring you juices, and even make sure you haven’t napped through mealtime.

Nurses: A well trained, loving, compassionate, friendly, and extremely helpful nursing staff.  I cannot praise the skills of these men and women enough.

Research: A progressive mindset, and gifted on-staff research scientists willing to embrace new technologies, and breakthroughs, and combine them with tried and true natural, alternative healing protocols to derive the utmost healing effects from each treatment. Partnering in research with other notable research groups.

Positive Environment:  Positivity abounds.  People are experiencing incredible healing and renewal.  The walls are covered with positive slogans and encouragements from staff and past patients.

Acupuncture:  (Separate from CHIPSA) A few days before I was scheduled to leave, I developed a serious attack of gout in my right foot, and left elbow. (A condition I have experienced, and dealt with successfully for a long time.  I have not had an attack in many years.  This attack was out of the blue, and ostensibly caused by the flood of protein in my system from the dead cells from cancer die-off being absorbed and metabolized by my system.  I guess my body decided I’d gone off the wagon and had gotten boozed up, eaten a half beef and stuffed myself on a giant shellfish buffet… (Gout sufferers will get the references).   There was no other probable protein source).  I was absolutely debilitated…. in agonizing pain, couldn’t walk, or even let my leg hang down, or put covers on my foot, and so was pretty much  bed-fast for several days.  This self proclaimed CHIPSA poster child wasn’t looking very poster worthy.  The wonderful staff at CHIPSA checked on me, brought me things… one of them purchased crutches for me so I wouldn’t have to hop to get around… the other took care of bringing me water, medical supplies, fruit, stuff to soak my foot, carrying out the trash.  Both offered to do anything I needed.  The one who is the Masseuse at the Hospital found a Doctor who practices holistic medicine, and specializes in acupuncture.  He came to my apartment, spent an hour educating me and applying the treatment.  the results were fast, and undeniable.  The pain abated, the swelling diminished.  I was actually able to put pressure and walk on the leg the next morning for the first time in 4 days.  He will return for several more sessions because the gout made me cancel my travel plans home, and stay until it heals.  Talk about people going over and above their duties… late into the evening.  And talk about turning a skeptic into a believer.  Wow is all I can say.

Essential Oils, THC and Hemp Oils: Again, not part of my CHIPSA protocol, but a welcome addition to your treatment process.    These demonstrate a lot of promise and have a long history of effectiveness both applied topically, rectally, and orally.  There are a lot of very knowledgeable purveyors of these oils, who will  be delighted to share their knowledge with  you.  You will find your CHIPSA doctors to be very open minded and enthusiastic about essential oils and other proven and promising alternative, natural treatment options.

The Food and Diet:  The food was outstanding… prepared by a dedicated, friendly, helpful staff in a very clean facility.  It is Gerson certified, all organic, absolutely delicious, (but bland because they are cooking for a crowd, and they have to limit spices, especially sodium),  Lots of fruit, veggies of every varieety, Soup, Corn, Potatoes… you name it.  Even delicious natural ingredient desserts.  There are spices, vinegars, and other flavor options on the table for those who need a little more kick… I was one of those.  They even have a Mexican food buffet with guacamole, veggie tacos, fresh made organic corn tortillas…  MMMM.   There is alkaline water available everywhere, and distilled water as well.  Hot Teas, Coffee, Juice, etc.  There two people on staff who do nothing but juicing all day.  You even get a glass of fresh squeezed OJ in the morning… highlight of the day, and best reason not to miss breakfast.  Some patients are allotted a little protein… chicken or fish… the protein is not gourmet cuisine, but is boiled or steamed for optimum nutritional and health benefits… It’s not bad, just not Michelin 5 star.  I usually mixed mine up in my soup.  There is a Gerson restaurant around the corner, and for the supporters, there are a plethora of authentic mexican dining options… plus even pizza, Italian, incredible burgers, and 7-11 hot dogs,

I know I sound like a CHIPSA Advertisement, but I am very pleased with the quality of care and the treatments and results from those treatments. I am receiving no financial compensation from any of the resources I am recommending here.  I just want to share the good news that there is hope outside of, or in addition to only relying on results from high dose chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.  The doctors here are not against additional tried and true treatments, but are very confident that these protocols greatly bolster the body’s immune system, and strength, and significantly enhance one’s ability to withstand and get the most out of those additional treatments.  When surgery is recommended, and it often is, the doctors here help you make the arrangements, align the contacts, and cooperate and participate in the recommendations, referrals, transportation, and aftercare.  They also make recommendations for additional follow-up treatments, doctors, and facilities for when you get back home.   I witnessed several patients who made tremendous progress…. And one lady in particular who arrived with an abdomen full of 2: to 2.5” tumors, and she is going home with all scans indicating NO tumor presence.  There are lots and lots of testimonies to these kinds of results. I spoke to a lady at lunch today who is going twice next week for hypothermic (ultra cold) surgical tumor ablation amidst her ongoing care here at CHIPSA.  Another lovely lady deemed cancer free is continuing her treatment protocol, and undergoing local dental procedures to rectify root canals, and replace harmful amalgam fillings.  There are also additional contracted services made available at reasonable cost, such as scans, and in-house dialysis treatment.  Most people who come here are positive, upbeat, friendly, caring, and helpful.   I also saw some people who stayed sour, negative, and resistant throughout their stay.  It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around, but it is my opinion that the negative, resistant personalities are wasting their time, their money, and sabotaging their own healing process.

I’ve tried to cover most of the bases, and comprehensively outline my experience to encourage and inform anyone interested.  I’ve explained the treatments as accurately as I could, and hope everything I’ve said is clear and nothing is wrong, or misleading.  Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any other questions or if I can assist you getting in touch with an intake specialist or just be your friend and encourage you.  There are many patients like myself who are also willing to visit with you personally to encourage, share, and advise you.  Most intake specialists will be happy to try to assist you in talking to another patient with similar cancer.

– David Dacus



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