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New York City – In 1891, during his tenure at Memorial Hospital, bone surgeon, Dr. William Coley stumbled upon a discovery that made him the father of modem  immunotherapy...Coley’s Toxins!

He used Coley's Toxins  to create an immune response that taught their bodies to attack cancer cells. This had never been done before 

But what is immunotherapy? Immunotherapy is a type of cancer therapy that aims to boost the body's natural defenses in order to combat disease. It employs substances either produced by the body or developed in a lab to improve, target, or restore immune system function.

Immunotherapy is widely recognized as the most promising approach in finding a cure for cancer. In fact it has won Nobel Prizes in medicine twice, in 2011 and 2018. 

While winning the Nobel Prize has been drawing a lot of attention for immunotherapy, remember, the concept of immunotherapy dates back to 1891 and  Dr. William Coley!

Dr Coley Lost A Patient To Cancer

Dr. Coley was devastated when his patient, Bessie Dashiell, succumbed to cancer. He had followed the medicine of the time, amputated her arm and expected the disease to be halted as a result of this surgery. Shockingly, the cancer returned in force, causing Bessie an excruciating death. 

Dr. Coley was tormented by his decision and couldn’t figure out the answer to the question, “Why did Bessie still die?

He went out looking for a solution and scoured Memorial Hospital's files in search of someone who had survived sarcoma. He ended up finding one patient who had survived.

It turned out that the patient had contracted a type of strep infection, erysipelas, after surgery. The patient almost died from the erysipelas but after surviving it, their cancer disappeared!

Could this be the answer he was looking for?

Excited with his discovery, Dr Coley went to verify if the patient was still alive and it turned out he was! 7 years after being discharged from Memorial Hospital, the patient was living in New York and still cancer free!

What Caused The Remission?

Dr. Coley made the surmised that the Erysipelas infection may have actually been the catalyst to the cancer remission. He believed that is created an “immune response” that woke the body up to recognize and attack the cancer.

If an accidental infection might cause cancer to regress, perhaps a deliberate infection could do so as well? Coley decided to infect his next patient with the disease and saw a successful outcome!

Dr Coley then infected 10 more patients and, rather than being healed, a few of his patients died from the infection. But those who survived the live bacteria infection went into remission from their cancer.

Dead Bacteria  

Seeking to get the desired immune response without the danger to the patient, Dr. Coley came up with the idea of administering a sterile (dead) mixture of gram-positive bacteria. By introducing the killed bacteria into the body, Dr. Coley could mimic an immune response without the risk of infection.

This was the beginning of Dr Coley’s immunotherapy, “Coley’s Toxins”

Challenges From The Establishment

Dr. James Ewing VS Dr. William Coley

Dr. James Ewing VS Dr. William Coley

Even though Dr Coley was getting results for his patients, his toxins were under intense scrutiny from his peers. 

In 1894 the American Medical Association issued the following statement 

“There was no longer much question of the entire failure of the toxin injections as a cure for sarcoma and malignant growth. During the last six months, the alleged remedy has been faithfully tried by many surgeons, but so far not a single well authenticated case of recovery has been reported.”

Additionally, the hospital where Dr Coley worked, strongly challenged his therapy. Coley’s boss, James Ewing, was also the most respected cancer pathologist of his time. Ewing had become a fanatical advocate of radiation therapy for all bone tumors, and he dismissed any other cancer theorie, especially Coley’s Toxins. 

 By 1920, Dr. Coley's research encountered considerable resistance from the bone sarcoma registry. The first cancer registry of any kind. It was established by EA Codman in cooperation with Ewing and Joseph Bloodgood from Johns Hopkins.

The registry’s purpose was to ensure that all types of bone cancer were diagnosed and treated similarly through the collection of cases from across the nation. The cases would be evaluated by Codman, Ewing, Bloodgood, and other prominent bone specialists.

Quack Medicine

Despite being the country's greatest bone tumor surgeon, Dr. Coley had problems getting some of his cases accepted by the registry. As a result, his work fell out of favor. By 1952, Parke-Davis stopped producing Dr. Coley's toxin. In 1962, the food and drug administration refused to consider Dr. Coley's toxin as a proven therapy. 

It became illegal to use Coley’s Toxins in the United States and was dubbed “quack” medicine by the establishment.

Redemption - No Longer Quack Medicine!

Luckily, after his death 1936, Dr Coley’s daughter Helen Coley Nauts started meticulously researching all of the patient’s files that her dad treated with his toxins. 

She wanted to prove her dad right!

In 1953, Nauts founded the Cancer Research Institute and published 18 monographs of her father's work.

Her father, Dr. Coley, treated 896 patients with his toxins and had a superior survival rate for many malignancies than we have today. In 2009, William K. Decker, PhD and Amar Safdar of MD Anderson Cancer Center published a study saying the following:

“This fortuitous combination of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, Dr. Coley's toxins, possessed a wide array of immunostimulatory properties that allow Dr. Dr. Coley to achieve long-term cure rates unrivaled by medical science in the 73 years since his death.”

The  American Cancer Society has recognized Dr. Coley's toxins as a true treatment and has removed them from the quack list. Furthermore, Dr. Coley's daughter founded the Cancer Research Institute, which now is the world's largest and most well-known immunological research center.

So How Do Coley's Toxins Work?

Coley’s Toxins are comprised of a sterile(dead) mixture of gram-positive Streptococcus pyogenes and gram-negative Serratia marcescens bacteria. By introducing the killed bacteria into the body, an immune response is being created. 

Since cancer cells were formed undetected, the goal is to “unlock” the body’s immune system so that it can identify and kill the cancer cells. Once the iimmune system recognizes that cancer exists, it will discover and destroy the cancer cells. It's believed that Dr. Coley's chemicals cause a cytokine storm.

Coley's Toxins at CHIPSA

CHIPSA hospital has been using Coley’s Toxins as part of our cancer treatment protocol for over 40 years. They can be administered via IV, intramuscularly or directly into the tumor. 

  • Coley's Toxins are administered about 2-3 times per week at a dose which achieves a body temperature of between 39.5 °C to 41 °C (approximately 103 °C to 106 °F), while being monitored by qualified medical staff.

  • The exact number of treatments per week may vary depending on each individual patient and other circumstances.

  • Patients generally receive one infusion per day.

  • About 5-6 hours of treatment are required for each treatment day.

  • Vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature) are constantly monitored by professional and experienced medical staff.

  • Coley’s Toxins have a very long and safe history of use.

  • Generally patients experience improved well being after each treatment.

  • This treatment is ideally used in conjunction with other immunotherapies 

Coley's Toxins are only one of the treatments in our integrative protocols that we use here at CHIPSA Hospital in order to help heal from cancer. 

Note: CHIPSA is the only licensed hospital facility treating with the Coley’s Therapy toxins in North America.

Cancer Treatment at CHIPSA

Our 38 years of experience in advanced immunotherapy has taught us that only by strengthening the immune system and body as a whole, do we stand a chance beating this horrible disease. 

We are not in any way shape or form, saying that we have a cure for cancer. It is very common to have some practitioners making outlandish claims about having cures. We know that cancer(s) are much more complex than to have "one" all out cure. What we do know, however, is that we have treated many patients sent home to die because conventional medicine failed them. 

We also know, that a 5 year retrospective Melanoma case study done at our hospital showed a higher success rate in treating Melanoma than any other treatment available. And we also know that many times within a 3-4 week stay, we will see peoples tumor markers be cut in half or go away and large tumors disappear.

If you or someone you love would like to see how or if you can utilize Coley’s Toxins as part of your cancer healing plan, please give us a call at 1-855-624-4772 or click the button belo. We will schedule you a free 30 minute appointment to talk to one of our doctors.