This Cancer Survivor Was Kicked Off Hospice: Learn How CHIPSA Hospital Helped Her Heal

Patients on end-of-life care are usually just making themselves comfortable, but Stacy W. was doing exactly the opposite.

Unwilling to give up on her life, Stacy continued to pursue a natural path towards healing. It wasn’t long before she was kicked off hospice and told her cancer was completely gone.

Learn how Stacy went from having months to live to “graduating” from hospice care.

Stacy’s cancer journey started in 2015 when she was diagnosed with squamous cell nasopharyngeal cancer. The cancer was behind her nasal cavity in between her ears, causing severe double vision. She followed the recommendation of her oncologist and went through 9 rounds of chemotherapy and 35 rounds radiation in an attempt to shrink her tumor. But upon receiving an MRI to check her process, the doctors found that her cancer had not shrunk, it had actually gotten bigger and spread to other places.

At this point, her doctors in the U.S. said there were no treatments left to offer her. They give her six months to live.

But Stacy and her husband Joe couldn’t accept that it was over.I didn’t feel sick, ” said Stacy. “I didn’t believe that I had only 6 months left until my end.”

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

So they consulted Joe’s sister, who had repeatedly urged them to pursue different methods of healing in the past. She recommended CHIPSA, and they went for three weeks of treatment which was completely personalized by her doctor. Her plan consisted of Gerson therapy, vitamin Ck3 infusions, Coley’s toxin, B-16, infrared sauna, and hyperbaric chamber.

Stacy continued the treatment for 3 months at home, but unfortunately, she ended up in the hospital and was placed on hospice.

Although Stacy’s condition seemed to be worsening, she and her husband didn’t give up. Being placed on palliative care still wasn’t enough for her to quit fighting for her life.

So Stacy continued implementing the treatments she began at CHIPSA and sought additional support from a local naturopathic doctor.

Seven months later, a thermogram scan showed that her cancer had completely disappeared. Stacy was kicked off of hospice.

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Chipsa Hospital Gerson Therapy Organic Lunch

It was a combination of CHIPSA’s treatments along with the guidance of the naturopath, ” said Stacy. “We just kept on going, even while on hospice. I believe that the natural foods and the natural supplements are what cleared up the cancer.

What Stacy and Joe loved the most about CHIPSA was how at home they felt there: “You think of a hospital and you think of a huge building, but this is a nice, small building where you are able to actually get to know the doctors and nurses on a personal level. That makes you feel more secure.

Joe even got to get out in Tijuana and explore the area:

As a companion, I got to get out a little more than Stacy did. I would go around the neighborhood. I never felt any kind of danger or threat. I walked quite aways, all the way to the border. They’re always improving it around there.

chipsa survivor reunion

Stacy has now been cancer free for two years, and just last year, she joined 21 other survivors at CHIPSA’s “Celebration of Life” event.

The survivors are your family,” she said. “These are people going through the same things that you’ve gone through, and we’re all still hear. It’s great that we get to celebrate that with the researchers and doctors and other patients.”

Stacy knew that her cancer diagnosis would change her life, but what she didn’t know is that it would change it for the better.

The things I’ve learned from CHIPSA are part of my lifestyle,” she said. “I don’t believe that I’ll ever veer away from them again.”

In fact, she and her husband both still implement the Gerson diet in their daily lives. Joe couldn’t be more grateful for the healing route his wife chose: “I truly believe that CHIPSA Hospital saved my wife’s life.”