Why Do Some Tumors and Cancers Disappear, When Others Don't?

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Free Webinar Reveals: What Causes a Durable Remission?

  • Why Do Some Cancers Have a Higher Survival Rate Than Others?
  • Why Do Some Patients Go Into Remission For Life?
  • Why Are We Barely Learning About Immunotherapy Now?

"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come."

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At CHIPSA Hospital we have dedicated over 40 years to staying on the forefront of advanced medicine for our cancer patients. Our mission has been simple, to get the best outcomes possible.

This includes but is not limited to and the latest immunotherapies, including checkpoint inhibitors, dendritic cells, natural killer cells, and other innate immune stimulating cancer treatments alongside  conventional therapy for what is a truly integrative approach.

When it comes to killing cancer, we believe that all possibilities must be considered and we are excited to share what we have learned with the world, in this special online event, "The Quest For A Durable Remission"

We hope that you can join us and recommend that you register early by clicking the button below. Due to bandwidth concerns, we can only have so many people on at at time.  Looking forward to seeing you. 

11 Reasons Why You This Webinar 

This presentation is set to be the most comprehensive of its kind. Here is just some of what we will be covering:

1. What is a durable remission and why it should be the focus

2. What is the history of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery

3. What cancers responds best to conventional therapy and why

4. What cancers respond the worst to conventional therapy and why

5. Why patients should be focused on the right treatments and not the most treatments

6. Why cryoablation therapy might give the most durable remissions for solid tumor cancers

7. Case Reports of 10 CHIPSA patients that are 10+ years cancer free of stage 4 terminal cancer

8. Case Reports of 10 CHIPSA patients that responded to our therapy but later passed away

9. Why survival statistics on hospital and clinic websites are misleading and how they are manipulated and not durable remissions 

10. Why some patients respond and others don’t 

11. Why the immune system is the key to a durable remission 

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