From Wheelchair to Walking in 3 weeks

Patient told to call hospice Chooses to Ignore Doctors.

Hear his Amazing Story

Today’s story comes from a patient who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. The American Doctors started with traditional chemotherapy and the cancer went into remission. Three months later it was back, and they tried another round of chemotherapy. When that didn’t work, they tried radiation. After two rounds of chemo and one round of radiation the doctors told him he was out of options and to call hospice to make him comfortable.

He was in constant pain and was losing weight fast. He had to take hydrocodone daily along with five different types of blood pressure medication. His family began looking for alternatives and tried to get into research studies for new medication. When that didn’t work out he researched alternative treatments and made the decision to try immunotherapy at CHIPSA Hospital in Mexico.

Due to his poor health, he wanted to try to gain wait before he undertook such a long journey. However, he was deteriorating very rapidly. He even delayed the trip an additional week because he was so frail.

When he arrived at the airport he could barely move and required a wheelchair to get to the car. He was weak, exhausted and his body had had just about all it could take.

The doctors met with him and began treatment right away. He shares that he saw other patients leaving to walk on the beach and said, “I’ll never be that well again.”

Three weeks into treatment he was feeling “that well”. After his meals he walks laps around the patio area, and he even takes there stairs up and down at mealtime. In the video, he said he planned walk to the beach and boardwalk that afternoon.

Healing from CancerHe says he was very impressed with the attention and care from the doctors and staff. The staff were always happy to get him extra blankets and even brought in space heaters to make him comfortable, even though the temperature was in the 70’s. Also, unlike his experience in US hospitals where doctors are in and out when they make the rounds, at CHIPSA the doctors “sit down for a while”. He is given a schedule each morning of the treatments, a detailed explanation of what he can expect from each one, and how it works to fight his cancer. At CHIPSA, he experiences genuine care. He’s not just a number. He’s not alone.

He said that the chronic intestinal pain wasn’t from the cancer, but rather the damage done to his digestive system by the chemotherapy. Now that he has detoxed from the chemo and his digestive track is healing he is mostly pain free.

He no longer takes pain medication, and his blood pressure is stable without blood pressure medication.

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