Why Are Cancer Patients Around the World Choosing CHIPSA Hospital in Mexico?

People from all around the world are reading about Chipsa and then heading to CHIPSA Hospital in Mexico to treat their cancer. Our full-service community hospital overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Playas de Tijuana offers several integrative treatments and immunological therapies. We treat patients at all stages, including those with advanced, late-stage disease.

It may seem like quite a journey to travel all the way to Mexico for medical treatment. But with thousands of hospitals to choose from, why are so many patients still choosing CHIPSA? 

We focus on healing the body from the inside out.

CHIPSA’s approach to healing cancer is unique. Rather subjecting to the body to harsh treatments, we focus on nurturing the body so that it can actually heal. Our treatments range from regimens like the Gerson therapy, which detoxifies the body and floods it with nutrients, to cutting-edge treatments like Coley’s Dendritic Therapy, which stimulates the body’s immune system to destroy cancerous cells.

“I really wanted to find a place that was working on making the body healthy and bringing up the immune system, doing immunotherapy, healthy diet, detox, all of the things that make your body stronger.” — Jessica W.

One of the biggest benefits of treating cancer this way is that you’re able to return home and live your life. Our integrative treatments don’t have the debilitating side effects often experienced with traditional treatment methods. In fact, because so many of our protocols focus on detoxifying and strengthening the body, many of our patients leave here feeling better than when they came in.

We offer an individualized experience.

We at CHIPSA believe that cancer treatment should be an individualized experience. Every patient is different, every tumor is different, every cancer is different. So we create a unique, individualized, treatment plan for each patient who walks through our doors.

We create a warm and supportive environment.

At CHIPSA, patients are not just numbers. They are real people who deserve our undivided attention and support. Patients enter as strangers and leave feeling like family.

We know that cancer treatment is about a lot more than just charts, numbers, and regimens. In order to fight for your life, you need love and encouragement. You need passion and joy. Rather than offer you a cold, clinical, environment, we will join your support system in rooting for you every step of the way.

My experience at CHIPSA hospital gave me the peace and confidence that I needed to get through my cancer treatments,” says Rita. “The staff is pleasant, diligent, and highly dedicated. You can tell that everyone loves their job. It makes you feel like you’re in the right place getting the right treatments. — Rita K.

“There are no little people here,” says one patient. “There are just giants who have a collective vision of healing. And when every single person in a place cares about it, you feel it.” — David D.

We stay ahead of the most innovative research.

CHIPSA has been using immunotherapy for over 38 years, long before mainstream medical communities realized its potential. The field is now developing rapidly, and we’re glad about that. Our scientific advisory board — made up of world-renowned scientists, doctors , and researchers– keeps us on the forefront of innovation. We work to offer our patients the world’s leading integrative cancer treatments.

What makes CHIPSA different is that it’s not cookie-cutter. It’s not one treatment for all.”The variety of treatments that you can do is so vast that you really feel like you’re being taken care of. You come down and they assess you and evaluate you and create a plan that’s specifically going to benefit you.” — Amy G.

Our patients see results.

After their initial stay, our patients are given at-home treatment regimens so that they can continue to heal in their own environments. They leave equipped with the tools and empowerment they need to keep fighting their cancer.

Their results speak for themselves.

“Since my first visit, it’s now been about a year and two months. My cancer markers are now at normal. All my test results are normal, and have been normal for about 5 months now. So I’ve had a very positive response.” — Tony W.

“By the time I left CHIPSA after 3 weeks of treatment there, I couldn’t feel the lump under my chin. I went to see my oncologist and I had a pet scan. It was more than I had imagined could be possible, my doctor said there was no sign of active cancer on the scan and by the grace of God I’m still here 7 1/2 years later. — Bailey O’Brien


CHIPSA is an oasis that I believe every cancer patient should experience. It’s a wonderful, family, spirit-filled place, and I think you’re gonna love it.”

-Tommy P.